The Architex- Scarlet Rain/4041 Focus -Prototype

Apart from anything else this is the heaviest bit of vinyl I've got my hands on, much thicker cut than usual and it shows in the loud pressing. Something that's been kicking around on promo for a while as well as it was first on white a few months ago but seems to be gearing up to be released. Scarlet Rain is an atmospheric but heavy amen roller. The rain in the title is a bell like loop kind of like Bukem's Music in a way backed with some harmonising strings. The bassline descends in to the earth at regular intervals and will test your speakers to their fullest. The tune flows nicely and is long enough for some building mixes as well, pure class.

4041 Focus brings a shuffling break to the party and some old skooly echoed stabs. The bassline rumbles along underneath and will only be fully heard on a club system. As the tune progresses some dub vocal samples weave in and out as do other minutiae making it sound like a finished piece. There's some great production going on in this tune and skanking grooves which'll keep the floor bouncing.