The American Jungle - documentary film about drum and bass/jungle in North America

CALLING ALL JUNGLIST! I am shooting a film this year about the North American Drum & Bass scene called The American Jungle. I will be traveling to over 30 cities around the U.S. and Canada to tell the story of our rich drum & bass culture. Please check out my donation page to find out how to get involved. One Love In Drum & Bass!!!

The mission of "The American Jungle" is to discover the rich history of drum and bass throughout the North American continent through several of the artists who helped create and shape the genre. The film will reveal the diverse array of music, the amazing styles of dance, and the fashion with all of the energy of the live events both big and small. People of all walks of life can be “Junglists” from the working professional to the kid at the CD shop exploring what makes someone an "Everyday Junglist". The film will also look into the evolution of DnB and what the future may hold.

With this initial campaign we are looking to raise enough money to get our legal paperwork started. This will also help us to begin working on all the pre-production necessary to get the project off the road including music rights, design, and press packages. Also with your donation you will be helping "The American Jungle" gain production materials including equipment, the RV, and office supplies. All money raised whether we make our goal or not will be used to progress the making of "The American Jungle". And we will be posting constant thanks & updates as we get closer to production. Please join our mailing list by visiting The American Jungle -- IndieGoGo or any of our social network accounts. THANK YOU for all the support and we will be coming to a city near you in 2011!

The American Jungle will be on the road by March 5, 2011 and will visit over 30 cities in our quest to discover the unique culture of American Drum and Bass. The film is scheduled to be ready by March 2012.

We are offering a variety of different levels of donations. We will accept any donation big or small beginning with $1. If you would like to see a cash flow statement or budget or have any questions please contact us at

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Re: The American Jungle - documentary film about drum and bass/jungle in North Americ

looking forward to see the full thing, could be interesting! nice one for the work!