The 18th Edition of the Romanian Art Festival StudentFest, w/ MAMPI SWIFT & MC SPYDA


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Apr 7, 2009
Every year, since 1992, the Romanian StudentFest festival has attracted more & more attention in the art & entertainment business. It is currently the largest student art festival in South-East Europe with sections for Photo/Film/Publicity/Music/Architecture/Literature/Arts and Theater, gathering artists from all over the world, to attend & speak at workshops, meetings, galleries and other events.

This year, the electronic music section is again present, calling out to some of the great talents the d&b movement has to offer, both local and from abroad.

The Pre-event of The StudentFest Festival:

Saturday, 25th APRIL 2009
@ Setup Venue & Club (Pestalozzi Str. nr. 22)



(Charge Recordings | London/UK)


Once known solely as DJ Swift, the addition of "Mampi" to this DJ’s name has a great resonance; a term meaning "big, strong and quick" depicts everything about him from his pure physique to his amazing "double-dropping" DJing skills. A major player on the circuit for the majority of the scene’s existence, his sheer presence behind the decks remains unmatched by all contenders, a powerhouse whose stature is reflected in the consistently high-octane selection he brings to the dancefloor.

It was in 1990 that Mampi Swift starting DJing and found himself behind the counter of the Lucky Spin record store, sadly now defunct. With access to the studio next door and in-house engineer Pete Parsons (AKA Voyager) at the controls, Swift jumped at the valuable opportunity to learn new skills. 1992 saw the start of an eight year residency on Kool FM, while at the same time he found regular work DJing at events such as One Nation and Fabric. He released tunes on other labels such as True Playaz, Frontline, Suburban Base, SOUR & K Power, before setting up his own label Charge Recordings. The label kicked things off with initial release ‘Twisted’ followed by ‘Feel Good’ in 1997; both tracks were massive hits in the UK and rapidly spread worldwide. While enjoying the success of his first two tracks, nothing could have prepared the man for the tremors his third would create throughout clubland; ‘The One’ dropped in the winter of 97, finally earning him the worldwide fame he deserved in a track still enjoying constant rotation in the record boxes of most by the present day.


(Strugglaz Recordingz | Nottingham/UK)


A truly remarkable talent, that started out with reggae / dancehall performances, $pyda decided, in 1990 that it was time for a change and diversed into the underground Hip-hop and R&B circuit trying to integrate his vocal talents into some different styles of music, this brought about an enhancement of new flavor to his work on the mic.

Around '93-'94 he embedded himself further into the cutting edge of UK underground dance music and began to MC over what was then known as "Jungle". His vocals worked perfectly with this style of music, owing to the fact that Jungle had a very heavy ragga influence at that time. Linking up with MC Bassman from Birmingham was a point when his career rose up to a new level in the UK. Working together, they developed some popular freestyle routines on stage alongside MC Trigger from Manchester, this combination of MC’s soon began to get a strong following which in turn earned them respect and regular work at promotions and clubs up and down the country, such as Pandamonium, Telepathy, Rage, Hacienda, Dark House, Jungle Slammer, Detonate, Gamma Funk, Sidewinder, Formation Records and also residency at Hysteria from '95 up until the present, it was during this period of time that $pyda aquired the tag "Black Tarantula", courtesy of Bassman .... this is now a legendary collaboration of MC’s that ruled the midlands D&B circuit for the latter half of the 90’s.


(Foo | Bucharest/RO)


A broken-beat enthusiast for as long as he can remember, in January 2004, Cypher decided to turn over to the other side of the decks, and share with the audience generous doses of nu skool breakbeat.

What followed were over 100 events of all shapes & sizes, all over Romania, and also Bulgaria & Moldavia. Over the last 5 years he has shared the stage with names like Concord Dawn, Rennie Pilgrem, Technical Itch, Circuit Breaker, Bailey, Chase & Status, Journeyman, Shroombab, Pyro, Impulse and Ben Mono.

Ocassionally a promoter & musical journalist, he recently began producing his own tracks & promises a lot of surprises for the year 2009.


(ZoomOut | Cluj/RO)


One of the most prominent figures of drum & bass in Romania, Dj Snow began his activity in 1998, although the scene was scarce at the time. Because of his preseverence, in '99-'00 got residencies at the most sought out clubs in his hometown. During the next few years, he played at the most important romanian festivals (including SF) and events, both local & international. In 2003 he founded "Zoom Out", and organization dedicated to the promotion of broken beats.

Snow is one of the most cheered & respected DJs in Romania, because of an excellent ability to mix and a style that is strong, lively and refined.


Addo & Dan Bazix
(baMSe | Tg Mures/RO)


Addo's interest in electronic music began somewhere around the year 2000, when he was collecting audio cassettes of techno & house music. Shortly after, he discovered breaks and began channeling in this direction. Urged by close friends, he took the role of a scratch Dj in a local band. In 2003, together with Dan Bazix, they founded the baMSe crew, and began serios investments in the line of music, especially d&b.

Dan Bazix encountered electronic music at a young age, being involved in the hip-hop / downtempo project. After investing a lot of time & money in tracks, he began DJ-ing. From that moment on, he was in a continuous ascension. He now has regular appearances around the country and an impressive Bio.
Since October 2006 he has been playing at the online "baMSe Radio Show". He was nominated for "Greatest ascension as a DJ" in 2005. He is collaborating with a local clubbing magazine, writing articles and giving interviews.

Old friends, and deck mates, the dynamic duo is yet again a guest at StudentFest, in 2009, to celebrate the 18th birthday of the largest student art festival in South-East Europe.


Event admission is FREE OF CHARGE, as part of the entire Festival's policy, that all people should have access to art, in all its forms.

Other info (most in Romanian - translation soon to follow):
Re: The 18th Edition of the Romanian Art Festival StudentFest, w/ MAMPI SWIFT & MC SP

T-4 Days Remaining !

People are mustering up for a wicked event.


See ya there, if you're in the area.
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