The ‘Inside Tracks’ – Trackitdown’s Monthly Recommendations

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    Europe’s leading dance download store picks future anthems and makes them available to you at a discount.

    We all know by now that the digital revolution and downloading music is a life-changing innovation. You can access and listen to thousands of tracks at your leisure and discover musical gems that you hadn’t even realised existed. But, herein lies the problem: there are literally thousands of tracks! It can be an extremely frustrating experience searching for the biggest and best sounds amongst an endless weight of new music released every week., the world-renowned download store, could just help you…

    Every month the content team will put together a selection of discounted bundles giving you the ‘Inside Tracks’ on what these experts feel are going to be the next big tunes in the world of electronic music. These recommendations will come in the form of bundles consisting of 10 of the most upfront and fresh tracks available from the vast catalogue carried on the site. We have catered for all genres including; trance, funky house, minimal, electro, tech-trance, drum & bass, breaks and hard dance. Each collection of 10 tracks will be available for just £12.25, with the individual MP3s available for £1.49 each.

    The trainspotters at already know their music of course, having been Europe’s first dedicated dance download store with the biggest catalogue of dance music anywhere on the planet. With the help of regular DJ Top 10s from the premier league of dance music heroes including; Marco V, Umek, John Dahlback, Bryan Zentz, Christopher Lawrence, Danny Rampling and Tiesto, it’s fair to say we have benefited from a little help from our friends in the know.

    Take a look at the first set of selections now: visit