Terry T ft Sizzla - Jungle Man Army

Another heavy release from the Congo Natty camp, keeping the style firmly in the ragga vein Sizzla lays down some quality vocal while Terry T chops up some tasty stepping beats. This track might be a good opener at the start of a night as it starts off hip hop before launching in to jungle after about a minute and a half of head nodding action. As the track gathers momentum some old skool bells are introduced and the vocal is cut at the second breakdown. This is where the track really comes in to it's own as a classic stepping groove emerges and a bassline of monolithic proportions joins the madness. Guaranteed to get those bashment dancers stepping until they fall over.If this is the direction that the Natty crew are headed then it'd be worth keeping your eyes and ears out for the High Grade 2 EP which comes out next year.