Terabyte Records pres: TB006 - M:Pathy - The Grind / Meditate (Out Monday)

Teasers: http://snd.sc/1902geb

Just months after his debut release, Midlands-based Origins resident M:pathy is back with another pair of minimal rockets, 'The Grind / Meditate'. Moving away from his recent work's 2-step sound, this explores more autonomic territory. Both tracks fully ride the minimal wave that has been sweeping through the drum and bass and are worthy additions to the movement.

If you loved 'Grit' and 'Stutter', M:pathy will not be providing any more sympathy towards your eardrums as he steps up his game once again, and already has huge support from notable sources, including Doc Scott, Stunna, Script, Kolectiv, Hyroglifics, DBR (UK), Axon and Loz Contreras to name but a few, as well as receiving radio airtime on Kane FM, Tremors Radio (Global), Radio Onda D’urto (Italy) and more.

In 'The Grind' you find M:pathy's trademark predatory bassline lurking in the musical long-grass stalking the drums and percussion that chirp alarmedly in the treetops above. This is D&B that moves in the darkness; just as happy on your MP3 player as it is on a larger club system and wouldn't sound out of place in a Dub Phizix set. To call ‘The Grind’ the softer of the two, while being accurate, doesn't fully encapsulate the exceptionally mature nature of a track that leaves you thinking long after the last notes have faded, an achievement for any kind of music and a distinction for drum and bass.

The flip, 'Meditate' is more suited to the floor. With a haunting intro that builds to an apocalyptic crescendo behind a perfectly pitched vocal sample listeners will have some idea of what they've let themselves in for before Meditate has even dropped. But when it does drop, like a morning coffee or a cold shower, it blasts the cobwebs out of your mind. Based around a classic amen pattern brought up to date for the iGeneration and accentuated by a bassline that is equally as vicious as it is subtle, ‘Meditate’ will have you up and dancing like a loon within seconds.

A solid minimal, yet big room release, that's set to do great things for Terabyte in 2013.

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