Ten Ton Beats
Heyy whats up fellow ten tonners,

Welcome to the first of a series of newsletters to let you guys know whats hapening at Ten Ton Beats.

I'm gonna try and make this reletivly short, as i am aware of newsletters that are like a stephen king novel, which to be honest is just not the ten ton way.

Right then onto our recent release The Raw Power E.P by the one and only Dj Manga, trust me people when i say whether you be a Dj or raver, or just some one who likes a lil bit of everything this e.p meets your needs.
Manga has gone all out to deliver a heavyweight e.p of Bass, clever sampling, and the famous manga attention to detail when it comes to a clean killa production. Have a listen on the sound cloud page( pressure and if your feelin it hit the buy set button and it will take you straight to the ten tons website ( or alternativly you can download from all well known download stores.

Next up on the Ten Ton Beats release schedule is a the absoloute rewind guaranteed mahooosive dancefloor killa also known as Meatgrinder by Dj Dangerous. Ive been personnally droppin this on dub for a few months now, and it always delivers.
The intro plods along as if not much is gonna happen but as the break gets nearer and nearer you can feel the chills start to creep up your spine and then all of a sudden a bassline more demonic than satan farting spews from the speakers followed by a power punch of a drop into clinically clean processed drums, a massive track and one to keep your ear out for released on the 11th of July again you can check this track out on my soundcloud page (

The flip side to this release is the equally impressive gut rot. 'Gutrot' starts with a liquid-esq intro leading into well processed bass and catchy riffs, it delivers on so many levels with big bass and summer vibes miss melody pitches in on production to help make this track a regular on Dj's playlist with its high energy & well produced beats, another one to receive the rewind guaranteed stamp.

OK,OK, i know i rambled on a bit but this is volume 1 and i promise i'll try and cut them down in future.

One last thing remember you can follow ten ton beats on a variety of formats as listed below, if you stuck with it this far many thanks to you if not , then your not reading this anyway so......UH EM!!! SCREW U!!!, lol