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    Ten Ton Beats starts the New Year with a bang with these two jump up delights from one of the labels longest serving members Mr Alf E. 2013 established TTB as a main player in the digital download market and to show this was no fluke Mr Alf E has been drafted in for combat.
    Shockwave due for release on the 27th of January 2014 is by far the Dj’s favourite and has been doing the rounds on dub for some time now, a savage assault on unsuspecting ravers, and a devastating weapon in any DJ’s arsenal, lost the crowd??, drop this bad boy and the soon come flooding back.
    As part of the Ten Ton Beats team Mr Alf E has another single planned for TTB during this year and a number of remixes in the pipeline, as well as his own project Target Records, a very busy schedule but what would you expect from such a talented producer.
    Mr Alf-E has always had an uncanny ability to make music that people can’t help but want to skank to, whether it’s those drums that he injects so much pace into or the unrelenting basslines he has perfected over the years he is a producer who has worked hard over the years to master the art of creating quality dance floor jump up dnb, a much respected producer Mr Alf E used all of these skills to create the flip side to the massive Shockwaves.
    Essex Murders is a nod to Mr Alf-E’s home county of Essex, this is THAT track which makes you pull THAT face, what can only be described as a hooligan bassline unleashes all kinds of mayhem as your abruptly woken up by the hypnotic bells on the intro, clever expertly eq’d drums keep you riding this wave of all things DnB. If ever the term double a side should be used it’s for this huge release marking Ten Ton beats as the label to watch for 2014

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