Ten Ton Beats number 1 on Trackitdown with the smash hit 'Give it to me' by Dangerous & Steampunk


Ten Ton Beats

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The legendary Dangerous has returned from his Australian adventure with rejuvenated energy which he transfers to this highly anticipated EP.
The Back in Town EP has been in the making for some time as Dangerous ever perfectionist refused to release anything but his best work, much to the dismay of label boss Rekless, but even Rekless will agree the wait was worth it and Dangerous has brought a few friends along for his return, the likes of Ironlung, Basstripper, Steampunk & Simskai are all featured on this monster of an EP.

From the rumbling bass of his Co lab with the legendary German producer Steampunk (Give it to me)to his out and out new school tear up with the highly respected producer Ironlung (Good as dead) this EP is relentless in its ability to grab you by your collar and shout at the top of its voice DANGEROUS IS BACK!!!!!.
Every track on this 6 piece must have is a 10/10 there are no fillers, no tracks just make up the numbers, each track can stand on its own but when put together as part of the Back in Town EP it stands strong. Much like the Justice League all those super heroes are a handful on their own but when you put them together they become unstoppable.
The creative process has been long to get this EP to where it is now, so many tracks were added and taken away for not hitting Dangerous’s high standards, this is the standard he wants to set from this point on, in his words “ it’s not play time any more, it’s time to stick my head above the crowd” and I think you will all agree he has achieved that with this EP.
On the track list you will see to tracks with Belgian producer Basstripper who had the previous release on the label (TTB47) this is a combination you will be seeing more of on Ten Ton Beats in the coming months.
Dangerous has years of history on this drum and bass scene from as far back as 1995, he is a much respected producer and highly sought after DJ
He is now ready to show his full potential and this EP will certainly put him one large step ahead of the rest of the pack.