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    Yo whats up Ten Ton Crew,

    With a blazing start to the new year in the form of Feedback|Killer by Dj Dusty championed by our friends over at www.trackitdown.net, Ten Ton Beats also unleased the 'Hot sauce' mix by Label head Dj Rekless to give a little something back to the loyal fan base which has kept the label going for almost its second year. Next up on the schedule is 'The Grinch|Sharkbait' by Samy Nicks & MarX an unmissable filthfest from the duo responsible The Corperate Games EP. 2013 also sees TTB unleash a whole host of new artists on the roster trying to keep to the label ethos of 'fresh talent comes first'. This year you can look forward to releases from the likes of Link, Encounters, Dj Eazy, Dj Dusty, Dangerous, Rekwest, MarX, Substainless, Alter Ego, Lymitless & Manga and with an aim folder that could block out the sun.......if it had physical mass of course......and if you could get it to line up with sun suffciently to block it out, and........think may have gone off topic there, but im basically trying to say is the TTB vault is full of unlistened to demos so the artist list will grow through out the year.

    There will also be changes to the Ten Ton Beats website (www.tentons.co.uk) in the coming months aswell as an all new TTB logo.

    One project for you all to look forward to is one that has been in the pipeline for well over a year The Ten Tons vs Jay Tuns EP has had quite few hiccups some issues with the band but we have finally come to an agreement that as Jay Tuns wrote the lyrics (the best bit) we could still use them and the project is back under way with remixes from Samy Nicks, Dub Peddla, Dangerous and another mix to be confirmed, also a FREE mix of the track by Drastik Measures will also be available. For those of you who are unsure of who Jay Tuns is hes has been working closely with The Dub pistols for many years as their in house rapper as well as holdingheld the title of the UK's number 1 battle rapper.......all caught up, good ;)

    The Knights of the Ten Ton Table mix series is underway again with volume 3 which will be available to download FREE early feb. Gracing the decks this time round we have The Mighty Dangerous who off the back of his Good, the bad and the Dangerous LP has another truckload studio fresh dub delights which im sure will have the mojority of you pulling the inevitable bassface, and for the first time in the series will be accompanied by Mc's in the form of the multi talented Miss Melody and another very special guest we are keeping under wraps for the moment.

    Im sure ive droned on enough now so i'll leave you with some links to some of our current, upcoming beats and mixes.

    Feedback/Killer by Dj Dusty: http://www.tentons.co.uk/shop/mp3s/ttb22-dj-dusty-killer-feedback-ten-ton-beats/

    The Grinch/Sharkbait by Samy Nicks & MarX:

    The Hot Sauce mix by Rekless: also available on dnb share and youtube.

    Forthcoming dubs: http://www.tentons.co.uk/category/media/ten-ton-dubs/

    Big ups and keep it Ten Ton

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