Temper D Release Update & Tour Info 2007

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    Oct 16, 2006
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    Promoting an assault of top quality releases on Offkey and affiliated
    labels, our very own 4 deck wizard is leaving the UK in September to cover
    some of the countries he hasn't yet battered.

    First up release wise is Offkey Ltd 01, the bouncy techno dnb track
    'Tabledeath VIP' with K-Fire, played across the globe by Raiden, Klute,
    Logistics and Nu:tone among others, available very soon.

    This is closely followed by his first solo release Offkey 008, 2 stripped
    down techno dnb monsters 'Minimal Blink' and 'Sunrise at Sonar', two tunes
    hammered by DJ's as diverse as Marcus Intalex, Ed Rush, Blu Mar Ten and
    Concord Dawn.

    Around the same time will be the first Offkey Mix Album mixed on 4 Decks by
    Temper himself. More dancefloor material in the shape of 'Superstar
    Dickhead' is scheduled on Offkey after the mix CD, and a remix of Techno
    Legend Glen Wilson's anthem 'Aural Exciter' will follow, likely to be on the
    crossover label Subsistenz. Most of the tracks can be heard at
    www.myspace.com/temperdaudio or in the promo mix below.

    Tours covering Spain, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand will follow,
    date details below. Any promoters not already aware of the tours please use
    the contacts below to take advantage of his debut travels outside Europe.
    Dave can also be contacted direct on temper_d@hotmail.com

    Spain (20th Sep - 1st Oct): bookings@offkeymp3.com
    Rest of Europe (until 20th Sep): temperd@offkeymp3.com
    South Africa (3rd Oct onwards): temperd@offkeymp3.com
    New Zealand(1st Nov - 15th Nov):edm.promotions@gmail.com (AIM: MooseEDM)
    Australia (15th Nov - 1st Dec): basselement@gmail.com

    This is a recent studio from Temper D showcasing the kind of mixing you can
    expect from him, downloaded 3 thousand times from this website in the first


    1. Markoman and Tsunami - Plutonium 3 (dub)
    2. Malsum - Ask for control (dub)
    3. Raiden and Dean Rodell - Vietnam never happened (Raiden VIP) (Offkey dub)
    4. Temper D and K-Fire - Tabledeath VIP (Offkey Ltd)
    5. Limewax - 1/2lb (Avalanche)
    6. Temper D - Superstar Dickhead (Offkey dub)
    7. Raiden - Bite it you scum (Offkey dub)
    8. Temper D - Sunrise at Sonar (Offkey dub)
    9. Concord Dawn - One night in Reno (Metalheadz)
    10. DK8 - Murder was the bass (ELP)
    11. Dave Clarke - Red 3 (Reload)
    12. Audion - Kisses (Spectral Sound)
    13. Technical Itch - Reborn (Moving Shadow)
    14. Temper D - Thorn in my balls (dub)
    15. Raiden and Propaganda - poltergeist (DSCI4)
    16. Proket - Show me (Offkey dub)
    17. Raiden and Dean Rodell - Wednesday Wake (dub)
    18. Temper D - Minimal Blink (Offkey dub)

    >>>www.myspace.com/temper_d <<<

    >>> www.temperd.co.uk <<<