Temper D & K Fire - Borrowed Time / Relic

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Jungle Hunter
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Borrowed Time
A single electric acid current runs through the bare conductor drums, releasing gentle sparks of hi-end nano-tech arpeggio's & low swept filters. The solid kick skips mischievously in arm with it's rolling snare twin glancing at all possible ways it could mutate into a new groove but decides to keep itself insulating the knife edge hi-hats before dropping away instantly.
This quick trick allows a filtering psy trance riff to slowly but contagiously slink it's elastomer body all over the breakdown, winding it's way between each speaker, then getting a stamp of authenticity from a huge jack hammer bassline. The dial's are suddenly turned & rising bass begins to take over the reigns, first sinking low into the belly of the track & then driving 'Borrowed Time' through a succession of funfair stabs & heavy kicks, before releasing a wicked sway b-line.
The industrial plant drums work full speed to stagger each cymbal splash but only create a domino effect as crunchy amen fills penetrate through the armoured bass walls & lavish at the insane drops that punch in on time.
Now the next bit is where I get a little disappointed, as I felt the funfair style stabs had to much of a part to play over the cooly finished drum pattern, & it just got a bit distracting from time to time when I was trying to pencil in on the tight kick to snare bounce. But then an almightly reese stab shook the shit out of my system, giving this exactly what it needed to keep me listening through to the atmospheric second break.

Overall 7/10

Laser shots, wasp synths, & dead pan percussion = Mechanical crunch time on 'Relic'. This is 2010 jungle & it's wild, but somehow enchanting in a real fucked up sci-fi way. Ice cold synths breeze through crystal chimes, while alien voices whisper & creep among each other listening to the leader of the tribe talk his piece over the spooky scenario.
A large kick bangs the wasp synth back into the track & a heavy acid stab toys though the radio waves up until the trigger is pulled on this huge dancefloor weapon. Strictly dark floors only because this is rougher than diamond & harder than steel, it absolutely tears through you & carries on to it's next victim!! The insane judders, & streched reese bass fly through the air & grab onto the hectic synth & hole filling cymbals.
This is pure damage to anyone who listens, think 'Future Prophecies' with a hint of 'Kryptic Minds', & a of course the individual style of Temper D & K Fire & you might know what you've let yourself in for! :slayer:

Overall 8/10

Released On: Cell Recordings