Telsa anti-theft device


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Jan 30, 2008
I want one for my car.

How do Tesla coils predate the Ford Model T, but still rock our world? The "Eye of Sauron" is the result of adding a motorized 7-foot aluminum pole to a Tesla coil, mounting the contraption to a car and photographing the experience with long exposures. What type of guy wields flying electricity in his front yard?

It's quite safe to be in the car although my son was apprehensive. This was a hire car (as I don't own one) and it still works. I did get extra insurance "in case".

A great science teacher, scary neighbor, questionable renter or father who may never talk to his son again once he turns 18. We like his idea, but think it might be excessive security for a compact car. Then again, the silver paint job does catch light just right.

Hit the jump for more incredible pictures.



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Sep 15, 2007
fukin hell man!!! a proper Tesla Coil.... GGEEEZZ!!!

Surprised they arent weapons yet...... give it a couple of year..... there will be a whol new way to protect tanks...... any missle/bullet/grenade/enemy soldier/friendly soldier comes near..... ZZAAAPPP!!! MAN DOWN!!
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