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Dec 2, 2007
Sounds like it needs alot of work but u got the basics down like kick and snare and that. U just need to keep making tunes and you'll get better mate. The bass sounds really muffled and random so u maybe need to work on your melodies and what sounds go together. I hate it when ppl listen to the tracks ppl post for opinions and then dont say nothing. Especially when your just starting out u need all the advice u can get. But holla if u post any more and ill give my opinion

Welsh Junglist

AKA Faqade
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Apr 20, 2007
North Wales
Just had a listen, I think you need some more elements to your drums like sum hit hats, shakers or something and maybe add a few quiet snare hits or something in the background. Just try different things out see what sounds good to you. I think the bass is a bit muffled and quiet and needs a bit of work, what are you using to make your tunes? Keep at it man!
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