Tell me things, tell me things about Nuendo

nuendo=:slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer:

for real mate. Spy uses it for the mixdown and as im sure you already know his shit is the dogs bollocks.
If you buy it from a software retailer it costs more than cubase actually. Its a fullfledged multitrack recording ting ting + midisequencer. All in all kick ass.

dont use it myself right now tho (i work in logic) but im sure i will some day.
the new cubase is based on the nuendo engine, meaning shallow menus, CRISP sound and processor friendly cpu usage. Thats how good nuendo is. (obviously, as i said i dont use it yet)

nuendo is quality for your audio side of things but wank for your midi side of things, its dooable but chewy as fuck you should try reason 2 instead for knocking your bits of tune up, audio and midi then export them into nuendo put em together, mix em,eq em,add your plug ins/effects then mix the monkey down
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