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The November Edition of my Old Skool Jungle/DnB Show On www.radiofrontline.net
Between 21:00 - 23:00 first weekend of every month.

Featuring "The Lost Tape Mix 2" Where I play unreleased tracks by Myself,Dj Dextrous,Dj Stretch & Tom & Jerry.

Plus "We Salute You" Where a pick a influential Producer and do a mega mix of selected tracks.

Come and join me down memory lane,while I reminisce the early stages of my career in music.

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King Of The Jungle (Teebone Vip)
Dubplate Circles - Undercover Agent
War & Peace - Dj Die
Fashion - Roni Size
Black - Dj SS
Blaze Dis One - Krust
Circles - Adam F
Funkiller - Smokin Jo
Ready Or Not - Dope Dragon
Back Outta This - Firefox
Friday - Capone
Box Of Tricks - Dope Dragon
Dubplate - Ray Keith
Warhead - Dj Krust
Dayz - Dope Dragon
Wicked - King Of The Jungle
Hornz - King Of The Jungle
Loveable - King Of The Jungle
Hotflame - Dextrous
Horn E - King Of The Jungle
Chit Chat - Dextrous
Jungle Love - King Of The Jungle
Salute The Kings - King Of The Jungle
Heavenly Body - Dextrous

The Lost Tapes Vol 2 Tracklist:

Subliminal Boogie - Dextrous
Champion Sound - Teebone & Dextrous Remix (Unreleased)
Touch Me Tease Me - Teebone & Stretch (Unreleased)
Snake Style (Teebone Vip) - Teebone & Stretch (Unreleased)
Rio - Teebone (Unreleased)
Hornz - King Of The Jungle
Jungle Theme - King Of The Jungle
Chit Chat - Dextrous
Dexterity - Dextrous (Unreleased)
Nasty - Teebone (Unreleased)
She Waits 24-7 - Dextrous
Legend - Dextrous
Dubplate Vip - Dextrous (Unreleased)
Badboy Tune Vip - King Of The Jungle (Unreleased)
Answerz - Teebone (Unreleased)
Artificial Reality Remix - Dextrous
Red Remix - Dextrous
Sunshine - Teebone (Unreleased)
Were Your Going To (Dextrous Remix) - Mbeat Feat Jamiroquai

We Salute You (Dillinja) Tracklist:

Deep Love Remix
Deep Deadly Subz Remix
Twistem Out
Lion Heart
Bambatta Remix

Quest - Andy C & Shimon
Bass 2 Dark - L-Double
Breakage - 3RD Party
You Must Think First - Dope Style
Dubplate Style (Teebone Remix) - Marvellous Caine
The Bugle - Teebone
Shoalin Style - Teebone & Stretch
Top Gun Dubplate Mix - Teebone & Dextrous
Dark Stranger Remix - Origin Unknown
Dirty Games - Studio 2
Blue Flowers (Dj Hype Remix) - Dr Octogen
Brown Paper Bag - Roni Size
Music Box - Roni Size
Jazz Thing - Roni Size
Lover 2 Lover - Tom & Jerry
Maximum Style - Tom & Jerry
Can U Feel It - Cool Hand Flex
Melody Madness - Cool Hand Flex
Like Dis - Cool Hand Flex
Original Nutter - Shy Fx
Pa Pa Lover - Dj Stretch
Roll On - Origin Unknown
Sky - Just Jungle
Spiritual Aura - Dj Rap
Victory Remix - Dj Dextrous
Charged (Teebone Vip Remix) - King Of The Jungle
Charged - King Of The Jungle
Get Down - Dj Die
Heroes Welcome - Teebone & Dextrous
Hurt U So - Johnny L
Exodus - Brothers Grimm
Your Love Is Over - Manix
Living In They Past - Manix
One More Time - Manix
Needle Point Majik - J Majik
Da Intalex - I Like It
Night Flight - Andy C
Over - Dream Team
Pulp Fiction - Alex Reece
Recharged - Origin Unknown
Terrorist - The Renegade
Answerz - Teebone