Teebee has his say >>>

M-Code said:
the man has a point :mrpanic:

haha that is his charm... ;]

ps, i fucking hate doa... it really means "dead on arrival".

seriously, i had a discussion with a university professor about how sick those trolls are on doa. i didn't even need to go into detail before he said they are sick in the head. haha those fuckers need to get a life. it makes us all look bad when people flame other people. there is no point to that.

:end_of_wo so let's just enjoy...
DOA does have some good stuff but you got to hunt harder and harder each day to find it
Too much arguing but mind you a lot of people aren't pleased with the music right now

Dnb always changes tho, it's the one thing you can always count on so you know it's gonna turn out better
haters hating on the internet will never go away. this has happened every year with every different genre of music that I know of. People moaning that ".... ohhh, the music and the scene has gone to hellll... blah blah blah..." it's silly and redundant and really shouldn't be paid much mind. nothing new.... virtual anonymity brings out certain things.

now...hearing people bitch about the music in person at the clubs is something else. haha...why would you pay money to go out if you are just going to bitch about it? there's plenty of music out there... I'm sure every one of us can find something that he/she likes. no need to keep listening to something if you dislike where it's at. as that other guy said above... time will take care of everything. if the music really is shite, then it will disappear eventually.

I love a good whinge on the forums now and again it's just that some people get really personal in their rants and it's over the top. They should just :beers: and be merry then come on here and post some unintelligible rubbish instead.. :moe:
A big lesson I learned from all this:

Everything changes
Enjoy styles you like while they're there!
I really don't understand all this crap. Don't like Clownstep? Ok big deal, play darkstep or jungle or even fucking drill'n'bass. The great thing about dnb is there are so many different styles to choose from that there is something for everyone. There is absolutely no sense in dissing something just because you personally don't like it.

The problem with these people is they don't have a real grasp on the scene. Most of them probably aren't even producers or they only listen to DnB because yeah for a while, let's admit, it was the cool thing to listen to. But the sounds change, the genre matures, and people move on. If you don't like the way it is then shut the fuck up and go somewhere else.
noisemonkey said:
I love a good whinge on the forums now and again it's just that some people get really personal in their rants and it's over the top.
I just love it when somebody gets really pissed off at one of my reviews at dnbscene. The way I see it, they're saying that I'm right. :D

One of the best cases didn't happen at dnbscene, though. One evening, I ripped apart a track at the Drum 'n Bass Arena forum. The next morning, the flaming had already begun. When the artist in question feels the need to valiantly defend his work instead of letting his music speak for itself, that's when you know you've outsmarted him.

While I admit that I've crossed the line a few times in my critical analyses, that doesn't take away from the fact that some people choose to narrowly focus on the detail(s) of one line instead of the general point of the whole review.

Chuck :who_wants
some good points here, particularly about a lot of hate being internet based. Thats why dnbforum keeps a lid on it (respect), but it is what I noticed when i started looking at forums. People talk shit they would never say face to face.
As someone in Melbourne once said "its pretty easy to talk shit on the internet."

I think cos we're all so passionate about this music, haters really seem like the scum of the earth, and they make me as mad hell too.

If you aint feelin it, just say "I aint feelin it". No need for insults, style bashing, moans about selling out. Be real, criticise constructively or shut up.

I dont see any point in saying anything negative about ANY TRACK no matter how dodgy it is. I just wont listen to it. very simple.


i gotta say that the "dnb scene" in general seems to be one of the most "serious" bunch of people in terms of electronic music, from what i've heard and seen most others are a hell of a lot more relaxed about their choice of music, and dnb seems to be full of a hell of a lot of nutters that dont care about others opinions, and really only care about themselves.. take the whole "clownstep" thing for instance, it is something that i thought was really just only joked about on forums and shit, but there are people that are serious about it, they hate it, and that's just crap!! people shouldnt be hating on tunes that give people a fuzzy feeling inside just because they dont think it's worth the wax it was printed on..

but whatever, their life, if they want to fuck the scene up its own arse, they are more than welcome to imo, as long as they get what they deserve in return.. a swift kick up the arse
the thing that gets me is when people criticise the style I play at my night as 'clownstep', or 'commercial' or as 'selling out' or whatever, when you're playing what the crowd want to hear.then the next minute they turn around and bug you for a set!! people seem quite happy to let others do all the work to put on parties or produce tracks (and maybe compromise a bit in their eyes to further things and spread awareness), whilst complaing all the way, then take advantage.

y'all need to look at the bigger picture and stop being so precious at everyone elses expense...
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