TeeBee - Bounce

V Matt

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Aug 16, 2002
London Town
Damn this tune is good, only heard it out for the first time last night even though it's on promo now.

Every DJ should be playing this out :readthis:

Bounce :slayer:
You know this mate! :slayer:

Picked this badboy up last week and been caining it hard ever since. 'Warehouse' is :dutty: too! Much prefer it to 'Life Continue' although that was pretty damn good too!
I've been :bounce: around to this too.......

........sad I know but nobody had done it yet so I was chosen to enlighten you all to the world of emoticon puns!!!!
Picked this up today. Not really previously felt much of Teebee's stuff and Photek Production's hasn't really done too much for me as a label so far but this is a pretty cool tune.

Will be getting some serious rotation in the next few weeks

Speaking of
, I now own Caddy Shack on DVD.

nun nun nun nun nun nun nunna
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