Teddy's Tech Team - D&B Forum Collaboration Mix


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Dec 19, 2008
So here it is in all its glory.
A serious selection of techstep mixed by DJ Noz, Jwood27, TeddyBizzle, Hyperd4eva, Postman Pat & Freek.

This one's a banger. Trust me!

Track List


Spectrasoul - Organiser
Enei - Stonehead
Hybris - Lair
Enei, Eastcolours & Noel - Cracker (Jubei remix)
Rido & Hybris - First Contact
Phace - Vintage
Icicle - Arrows
Enei - One Chance
Krakota - Be Myself
Skeptical - Cold One (Jubei Remix)


Friction + Ktee - Set It Off (icicle remix)
Ed Rush + Optical - Medicine (Matrix Remix)
Amit - 9 Times
>> Alix Perez - Behind Time
Rido - Exoplanet
Amoss - Locked In
Dub Phizix - Break It
Jubei & Vicious Circle - Cloak & Dagger
Anile - Last March


Total Science, S.P.Y. & Lenzman - Narrow Margin
Trace - Sonar
Mikal - Say Nothing
Hybris - The Guy
Fracture & Mark System - Yeah, But …
Dillinja - Acid Trak


Vicious Circle and Universal Project - Throw Light ft. Fierce
The Prototypes - Subterrestrial
Noisia and Phace - Flooting Zero
Optiv and BTK - Get Ready
Nymfo Resolve
Survival - Ever Clear
Icicle - I Feel You

Postman Pat

Dub Phizix - Athos
Stray - Can Of Cancun
Enei - Dustclock
Rockwell - DJ Friendly Unit Shifter
Amoss - Flex
Optical - Slip Thru
Siren - Snorkel
Spectrasoul - Mimic
Noisia - Block Control


Sovex - H Detect (UKDNB Dub)
Miszt - Sleepless Nights (Dub)
Dark Entity - 100 Shades Of Black (UKDNB Dub)
>>> A.M.C - Dreams (Dub)
Sovex - Beliefs (UKDNB Dub)
Ikonix - Warmonger (Dub)
Miszt - Suck It Up (Blue Cheese Dub)
Teksteppa - Black Mercury (Blue Cheese Dub)
Freek - Tear It Up (Blue Cheese Dub)
Freek - Suspect (Dub)
Dark Entity - Solar Winds (Blue Cheese Dub)
Triple Sickz - The Drummer

Was a real pleasure to put this one together. Big up to all the DJ's involved. You went all out to make this mix next level.

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Nice effort guys! Listened to it and it's rolling really well. Gonna give a more detailed feedback after a few more listens. Anyways I always thought that techstep is what f.e. Virus or Position Chrome are putting out :teeth:
listening now, big intro,... gnna have a more indepth listen at some point probably at the gym tomorrow will feedback, tracklist looks sick
I need a solid block of two hours to sit and listen to this is what I need.
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