Tectonic Representing: Greek D&B Gathering Friday 30 April (Tectonic LIVE)

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    On a Full-ON Greek drum&bass Gathering, 7 DJs and 2 MCs will be tearing down the place on Friday night, April 30th @ mad club in Athens (Persefonis & Dekeleon 12, Gazi) and Tectonic will be there to represent and give you a touch of what the Greek drum&bass scene is like..

    The line-up for the night is the following..

    > Blunt (Urban Links)
    > Boycott b2b Runner (D2)
    > Harris b2b n_liam (Funxion)
    > Squawk b2b Gangsta (V-Noize)

    MCs Yinka and Dash will be hosting the night.



    >> Check the broadcast at 23:00 UK/GMT - 17:00 Central Time US & Canada

    >> The direct link to the stream is http://www.tectonic-radio.net/24live.m3u or look in Tune In, under Special Live Stream (low).

    >> You will need an mp3PRO plugin for your player for better audio quality, you can find one for winamp here http://www.m3uprozone.com/assets.m3uPROAudioDecoder.exe

    >> If you feel like chatting, check our Java chatroom http://www.tectonic-radio.net/chat/ or using an IRC client (such as mIRC) connect to any EFnet server and join #tectonic.


    Hope you can join us and share the vibes! :)