Tectonic radio - Tuesday night licks!

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    Feb 7, 2004
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    Tonights main dish on Tectonic: Fingerlicking drum&bass!

    Served by Dozer b2b JRS and guests (u.s. Mel Devil) at 19:00 UK/GMT!
    The meal is followed by a brand new dish by Instigata, Sabre, Jubel and Zero One at 21:00 UK/GMT
    Be sure to get a free taste of the latest dubs ;)

    >> Access Tectonic Branches through:
    Direct link: [broadband] http://www.tectonic-radio.net/80.m3u
    [modem] http://www.tectonic-radio.net/24.m3u
    Website: http://www.tectonic-radio.net/
    Chat: http://www.tectonic-radio.net/chat/ OR using an irc client (Such as mIRC) connect to any EFnet server and join #tectonic