Techy Jump Up Roller


Human Dubplate
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Right off the bat I have to point out that I don't particularly enjoy jump up at all.

I think the intro is too abrupt and I don't like the trap vibes in it, the last point is a matter of taste though. Since this is a snippet I'm guessing there could be a longer intro before this part..
I think the snare is a little weak and the b-line sounds a bit muffled somehow - I'd work more on it to bring out the timbre of those crushed riffs - and I don't think the sub fits it very well.
I like the honk after the first snares, but I'd give it some more verb to liven it up a bit. Switch up in the b-line is nice, but it could have come a whole lot earlier to avoid getting too repetitive, the drums also just sort of go on and on, this might be a jump up thing, I dunno, but it gets too repetitive for my tastes in any case.

My 2p.