DnB Techstep/Jump Up, my first one

1. EQ is your friend, it's a wall of sound where all instruments are fighting for space imo
2. Do not ever mention Tech Step and Jump Up in the same sentence EVER again lol, seriouly
3. EQ is your friend...
Hello there
I made my first own written track, kinda Techstep / Jump up
Suggestions are very welcome :)


Keep making tunes bro, it's a cool idea. Maybe try and incorporate some breakbeats or add more layers of percussion to make your drums roll along more. I reckon the tune would have worked better if it dropped at 1.21 as you kind of lost the energy that you built up.

Yeah like derelicts said EQ is your friend here, and you're missing sub bass as well!
I really liked it up until about 1.20. I was excited as to what was going to drop in...and then it sounded like squelchy slightly bland noise :)

Some more interesting drums could bring it to life from that point I think mate!
Hi guys
Thanks for suggesting. Yout think I should leave the part from 1.21 - 1.50 and drop directly in?
Dan, you think the whole sound from 1.20 till the end sounds like squelchy slightly bland noise?
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