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disfigure radio
Nov 24, 2008
Sacramento, California (USA)

An online audio & information portal dedicated to everything that embodies the style and foundations of techno inspired drum and bass music,
from deep minimalistic Detroit influenced grooves right through to harder schranz flavored production styles. 24 hour streaming radio featuring
live shows from techno-dnb's biggest djs and producers as well as past show archives and singles.

We are a content/genre oriented station and due to this there is some consideration to be taken before submitting information to the station.
Please make sure that singles are of the techno-dnb / technoid, neurofunk, techstep / darkstep Drum & Bass sub-genres. We also showcase techno
songs, mixes and live shows.

We have open time slots for djs interested in showcasing their style to our growing listener base. Promo are accepted for live shows. We are also
accepting mix and track submissions if you are interested in getting your style or songs promoted to a larger variety of listeners.

If you are submitting:
  • Singles or Albums : You must be the producer or label owner. Bitrates between 128k and 320k MP3 stereo format; 320k is the prefered bitrate
    Mixes : Between 30 minutes and 2 hours in length. Bitrates between 128k and 320k MP3 stereo format; 192k is the prefered bitrate to conserve mix filesize.

The station administration will periodically screen and add submissions to the playlist, or remove songs as we deem fit. There is no expressed guarantee
that any track or mix submitted will be added to the playlist. Singles submitted to the station should be in 320k MP3 stereo format; we will accept bitrates
down to 128k MP3 stereo format.

Live Show Requests:
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