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Nov 29, 2001

More info to follow I guess ;]
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Damn that thing is going to be expensive. $2,000.00 USD at least!
the man like sayber was tellin me bout dis...........all i can say..............jesus.if this comes out nxt month its mine!!!!!!!!!!! :banana:
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freeagent said:
I'm getting it if it is reasonably priced and reviews are good!!!

damn man...dont be so enthusiastic... :crazy:
that shit looks the shezzniz, and i say that without beeing a tech-pro...
probs is worth getting coz even if youre shit in mixing, people would be too busy staring at all flashing lights on this baby
man.............i must of looked at this thread more than 50 times.jus love this peice of equipment :not_worth

..........................................FOUND THIS.............................................


Technics are set to exclusively un-vale the new CD DJ turntable at this years Palsa . The SL-DZ1200 is based o*n the Technics SL1210 turntable motor .

The big unvaling will be at 3pm o*n DJ Sunday (September 7th).

In addition they are set to showcase a new 4 channel mixer - with the same look as the SL-DZ1200

Palsa is o*n from Sunday 7th - Wednesday 10th September for more info -
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MORE INFO!!!!!!!!!

The Technics (branch of the Panasonic) will go to make the official launching of the Sl-dz1200, name technician of sweats "Direct Digital Drive Turntable". It allows to save points of cue save, possesss to sampler on-board, she allows to create loops, and even though safe the points of CUE in the SD (standard of memory stick), simulation of scratch in vinyl also became possible, because its turntable follows same the standards of its traditional record players direct drive.

This new device reads CDs of aúdio and CDs with archives MP3, besides accepting recorded archives in memory stick SD. With this the Technics intends to desbancar the competition of the CDJ1000 (of the Pioneer), that it came dominating the preference (and the market...) of the devices of COMPACT DISC for DJs.

Rumors say that the Sl-dz1200 will be compatible with the End Scratch and Traktor, however this was still not confirmed by the company. E to follow this launching, the Technics launched mixer Sh-mz1200, with four canals, all the digital entrances, that design of the Sl-dz1200 folloies and would be "ideal" to mixer for DJs that they use the new devices.
keepin u posted on this :D

the player features onboard sampler with up to 40 seconds of internal sample memory.samples can be edited and stored to SD memory cards using the card slot.with a card reader connected to a pc, samples can be transferred onto the card from pc and vise-versa for further editing.all samples can be scratched and played exactly the same as cd audio.this is also true for mp3 audio files stored oncd.the dz1200 playes compressed music files just like vinyl,theoretically allowing a complete set to be played from just two cd roms.

four cue pads can store four cue points per cd in internal memory,for up to 50 cds.this might not seem as much as other players, but virtually infinate amounts of cue data can be recalled directly from sd card.turntable emulation features such as power off retain the feel of vinyl.there are two versions of reverse,one which is instant (digital),and the other which relies on the platter changin direction ( enhance the music there are eight simple effects to choose from.for use in a confined space, the dz1200 also carries on playin even if placed at a very steep angle.
around £699

the shmz1200 mixer features the same acclaimed EQ found on technics existing ex1200 comes with full digital input and output and channels one and two can be coupled together to allow the unit to be used as a surround sound mixer.
around £479

for more info visit the technics site

THEY WILL BOTH BE RELEASED EARLY 2004!!! :tosser: could of been sooner!!!!
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A good buddy o mine has a denon S5000, and i'll tell you this is a very nice piece of equipment. Its key feature is the ability to mix two tracks off the same CD; however, this doesn't work with the mp3 format only the standard .wav. I heard a very unoffical rumour that the new technics can mix two mp3 off the same disc, if this is true it will ultimately be the superior machine. Either way before you invest in a CD mixer it would be a good idea to price out the Denon, as it is a pretty solid machine totally worth a consideration.

P.S. if someone can find out the real facts about the rumour i'm spreading i would greatly appreciate it.

Early 2004? Still got time to rob a bank. I'm on just getting the hang of vinyl. Hmmm have the choice of that awesome piece of tech or coming to england to watch the best

No question really - us Brits will be here for ages, an you can catch Andy C/mampi/Hype/*fill in A list dj here* playing everywhere that has a system at least every fortnight, one of them Technics CD decks will give you years of pleasure!

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