TECHNICOLOR. New track with vocals

Rajstah Vibe
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Jan 14, 2011
Thanks man!
Still i feel it's an unfinished version... i have got more ideas to make this track even more perfect.
I hope i can do a good mixdown... that's my side where i mostly need to work...
But also i think i've used too much fx on the voice... i will cut down a bit and excite the amazing voice of the singer...
And also the drum i think need more "face" kick and fat snare..
What do u reckon?


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Feb 24, 2011
i kind of like the fx on the voice, it gives it more of a mystic feel to it but it would also be interesting to here the voice with not as much fx on it :)

and yeah i agree with the kick and snare.

but otherwise theres not much i would change :3


Apr 19, 2009
like all the elements, vocal is class, I can even 'handle' the heavier drums and the nasty little quirky affects that make a show now and again lol. But I don't think the mixdown (at time of posting) is good enough as drums generally seem too low in my opinion, but i tend to like a quite prominent snare, maybe with a touch more snap to it ? More than a good effort though.
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