Technical Itch faces Jail

David Bass

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Drum & bass icon the Technical Itch was told he was facing a possible prison sentence by magistrates in Bristol this week after he pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

The UK producer (real name Mark Caro) was nicked after he tried to evade police capture in a prolonged car chase on the M4 and reportedly told officers he considered himself ‘as competent as a professional racing driver’ when they eventually nabbed him.

“The Subaru was a project car, professionally prepared to be used on race tracks, as well as ordinary roads,” his lawyer told Avon Magistrates, “He admits he was testing the car’s performance.”

Caro (who had three previous speeding convictions and was clocked driving at 110mph) shares his passion for fast cars will renowned car nut Jay Kay from Jamiroquai and Chicane mainman Nick Bracegirdle, who chatting to Skrufff several years ago described himself as ‘car mad’.

“I’ve got a little Golf GTi that I run around in and a very limited, special edition Audi RS4; a 180mph estate car with about 400hp; completely mad but really cool,” the West London producer proudly declared, “Then I’ve got a brand new Lotus Elise; the new shape, which is great fun and I’ve got a really dementedly quick Lotus Esprit as well.”

Nick also spoke enthusiastically about bumping into Jay Kay (‘one day we’ll have a little race sorted”) and was equally delighted to be then working with grand prix team the Kuala Lumpur Grand Prix.

“McClaren’s head designer is a guy called Adrian Newey, he’s got a Lotus Elise like mine, which he’s tuned up so it’s about as quick as a Formula 1 car up to about 100 mile an hour,” he laughed.

“So, I’m going to have a chat with him tomorrow during the Grand Prix practice day and see what he can do for me basically. I’m always tuning my cars.”

More recently, the trance producer has been putting the finishing touches to his new album Somersault, a rock. Indie dance hybrid (according to the press release) which features the vocal talents of pop crooner Tom Jones. His new single ‘Come Tomorrow’ is out July 16.