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lost interest in tech about 10 years ago after every track started using exactly the same warped synth noise and it seemed to get all dancefloory.

who's making the badassestest tech tunes nowadays?


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Well to be honest, although there has been (and will continue to be) a shitload of new producers emerging in the neuro/tech scene, most of them dont really bring anything that new to the table. The producers that have risen up to high esteem in the past few years (give or take) are completely owning the subgenre the way I see it. Some prime examples being Billain, Mefjus, Audio, Enei, Ulterior Motive, Maztek, Rregula & Dementia. However some of the older guys like are still living up to their name AND running their own labels, highlights including Phace & Misanthrop (Neosignal), Black Sun Empire (Blackout Music NL), and Noisia (Vision, Division, Invisible)

Some lesser known labels you might want to check out that put out consistently high quality tech releases would be Mindtech (and their sister label Future Funk), Eatbrain, Citrus, and Rise Audio

A producer that I feel is criminally underrated is Minor Rain. His sound design rivals anyone in the game right now. Just listen to any of his shit

One of my favorites from him

As far as the more "newcomers" to the scene go. Would definitely watch out for Nickbee, Fre4knc, Mob Tactics, and Hybris, all been making pretty big waves recently.
This one's forthcoming on C4C Recordings and had me buzzin' (via skankandbass)

Hope this helps :) I'm sure you already knew a good amount of this stuff already, and of course i've probably missed a million other great producers worth mentioning.
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my personal kings of tech (noisia, phace, and BSE) have gone to shit in recent years imo, i'm just hoping to christ they can bring it back.

right now it's all about the new kids on the block, billain, mefjus, and emperor... all 3 of which have been smashing it lately.

mefjus has found his own sound and progressed it further each time without it getting too samey, at least, not as samey as people were bitching about when he was first getting major releases.

billain is just doing his thing without giving two fucks about how a dancefloor will react, and i love him for that.

and emperor has got a way to go yet, he's still finding his feet i reckon, but he'll still be smashing it senseless over the next few years.