Tech Itch Release 36


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Aug 16, 2002
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Tech Itch featuring Dylan / Trace


A) The Legend – Tech Itch and Dylan
AA) Quad – Tech Itch and Trace

Release Date: April 2003

Well what can you say? You dream of 12” every now and then that you thought would never become reality – and here it is.

How’s about a collaboration between Dylan and Tech Itch? This track has some serious power and a spine made of the rock solid step of 4-4. A tearing high-energy track that will no doubt take you back to the days when sweat and bass was all that mattered.

Then we have Trace and Tech Itch with the excellent and futuristic ‘Quad’ a deep and tearing offering from two groundbreakers of the scene. Anyone who remembers the early days of the rave scene will more than likely of heard the track “Quadrophonia”. In the summer of 91 it was well played by DJ’s all around the world, popular because of its crazy break down. Now, Trace who has been at the hub of Drum & Bass production since the early days has joined forces with Tech Itch to produce homage to those early days. Amen and a fiery bassline melt together over the epic sounds and warehouse hooks, creating something truly worth talking about.

Not enough? All together a high impact, high octane 12”, that will give you your fix of no nonsense D&B for a long time to come. How can you afford not to own this 12”? With such a talented array of producers on show and two slamming tracks – I don’t even need to sell this this to you. I fact you’d better get one before they’re all gone and it get deleted.

Get with the program!

Its time to taste the future!


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Mar 8, 2003
between a low hum and a high whine
Quad is excactly what someone would expect from that collaboration. Rather than a new sound, we get here is a mix of the two well known styles. Someone could say that the mix of the two styles is done with a "live" feel, almost in the way a DJ would do on his set. In mah humble opinion tho, is not a futuristic tune.....I mean.. the hoover bassline, the sniper brake....its more or less typical of Trace. And then the Tech Itch amen kick in, more and more often until they take over, and with a classic Tech Itch technoish B-line, the whole tune becomes Mark Caro alltogether. Good tune non the less. Megamiles better than the gay "turn me on"...Big Upa Trace.Still dark after all these years...and i is not biging up the Wolf, coz after Moving Shadow opened Penetration exclusively for Technical, his tunesare getting worse and worse...(wit few exception!!)
WAKE UP MAN! I know you can do beter than that.What happened to Analysis.....The Virus.....Portscan.....Crystal?I guess your tastes evolved in a different direction than least live the gay samples for Dillinjoker.....BRINGDARUKKUS...?...please!

no comment for The Legend......Different-Brutal-Effective...and to think i wouldnt even think of buying anyting from Dylan.
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