Tech Itch "Razor Sharp Bass"

Discussion in 'Production' started by shadow_demon36, Jul 23, 2005.

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    Feb 23, 2005
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    Anyone know how i can make bass like tech itch and evol intent and all them man, ive been trying for ages but i cant get it right, i can get any program so if you peeps know what i need i would appreciate if you could pass it on

    i got cubase sx3 and if anyone needs it i can put it on yousendit if they successfully help me on my mission

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    Jan 21, 2004
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    not a good idea to share cubase.. or anything warezed for that mather :tut:

    but to make those nasty basslines... the key is distortion, layering, resampling and automation (must not be in this order ;)). do this as much as you want, and then make some filter sweep or something..

    there isnt actually a rule to make these kinda stuff (nor in anything else imo). but to achive good stuff you need practice and know your gear and how it works.. thats probably the best advice you can get.

    use EQ, filtering, compression (don't know if this is in need all the time), etc, etc to sculp the sound and make it fit in the tune. it's like ising the cake :).

    hope this helps! good luck
  3. jasonicaudio

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    Jul 23, 2005
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    two square waves, or saw waves that are detuned from eachother, then add a sine wave as a sub bass to that. LFO's on filters(I like to sync sine wave LFO to triplets.) and use a filter envelope with the attack adjusted to what you like. a bit of resonance to the filter will make the sweeps more pronounced. chorus or unison will fatten it up a bit. and eq boost somewhere between 80 and 40 Hz. also boost in the high end to get the crispyness in the filter sweeps. add distortion, to the squares but leave the sine wave clean. that will make it crunch. compress all this pretty hard so all the notes you play sound like the same level. Ive also recently started making bass sounds out of sound efx. just boost the hell out of the bottom end and add some distortion and sweep the filters. most of the time for bass youl use a Low pass filter, but some times, to fit in more that one bass sounds, you can use bandpass on one, and low pass on the other.