Tech Itch, Full Clip and Skynet present "Tektonic Mastering"

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Feb 21, 2009
So after a looong process of testing, modifying and building gear to find the perfect signal chain, properly treating the room and getting everything perfectly dialed in, we are live!


For those of you who don't know, Tektonic Audio is the brainchild of Tech Itch, Skynet and me. We thought that between the three of us we had a pretty unique combination of professional studio experience coupled with first hand experience mixing/mastering DnB and knowing exactly how mixes translated on systems around the world. We really spent a lot of time and spared no expense to get a very unique and incredibly powerful signal chain as well as incredible room. Our hope was to be able to offer something to the DnB heads that has never been offered before and now that everything is in place I think we have managed to do just that.

One of the other interesting things that we will be offering along with traditional two track mastering is stem mastering. This way you guys can send stems of your drums, bass, synths etc and get a really in depth mastering job. For this reason, we have also built in tools that are more traditional for mixing and have centered our system around Pro Tools HD Accel rather than just a two track editor.

The room......

With no parallel walls, multi sloped ceiling and built in absorption, the room is set up perfectly for monitoring. Even so, we spent a month carefully testing and tuning every detail of the room from reverb times to reflections. To give you an idea of the effort we went to, we added over 1,400 lbs of specially designed bass and broadband traps to smooth out the response of the room until it was consistent throughout and the reverb times were just right in the low end!


For our room we decided to go with the Barefoot MM27s on custom mounted stands. The monitors are fed from Cranesong converters and controlled with a Cranesong Avocet with 1db stepped incriments for the absolute highest quality signal.

Partial gear list (sorry, there are a couple secret weapons)....

Cranesong HEDD (custon modded)
Elysia Mpressor
Custom, hand made passive tube EQ
Apogee converters
Cranesong converters
Digidesign converters
UAD 1176
Neve 8803
SSL Xlgc EQs
SSL Xlgc Dynamics
DBX 160 VUs
Empirical Labs Distressor
Empirical Labs Lil Freq
Joe Meek channel strip (custom modded)
Pro Tools HD Accell
Barefoot MM27 monitors
Audio Acces balanced TT patch bays

...and a ton more hardware and software including custom made gear hand built to our specifications. Check out our site for the (almost) full gear list.

We are really proud of what we are doing and REALLY excited about the room and signal chain and just wanted to let you guys know!

The new AIM name is 'Tektonic Audio' so hit me/us up with questions, comments and tracks!!!

Eric, Mark & Nathan








More hi res pics on the site!


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Jan 6, 2009
that studio looks fuckin unbelievable man! even right down to the lighting, amaze!
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