Tease - End of Summer Mix 2013


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Hello forumz,

It's been a while for one reason or another, but I thought I'd do a little mix containing some of the tracks I've been listening to for the best part of 6 months.

I hope you enjoy it.

Break - Music Is Better [Symmetry]
>> Bad Company - Four Days [BC Recordings]
>> Fierce & Vicious Circle - Section VIP [Quarantine]
Audio - Headroom [Virus]
>> Apex - Same Old Blues [Lifted]
DC Breaks - Swag [Ram]
Enei - Mosquito [Critical]
Stray - Ginseng Smash [Modulations]
>> Chroma - Intermission [CIA]
Skeptical - Static [Commercial Suicide]
Dabs - Objection [Dispatch]
Billain - Boogie [Bad Taste]
Rockwell - Detroit [Shogun]
>> Mefjus - Signalz [Critical]
Optiv & BTK - Target [Blackout]
Alix Perez feat. Metropilis - Blueprint [Shogun]
>> Subtension - Inner Man [Samurai]
Emperor - She Said [Citical]
>>Frankee - Flintstone [ProgRAM]
Optiv & BTK - Inception (Maztek Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
Ulterior Motive - Lost Contact [Metalheadz]
Break - Steam Train [Symmetry]
>>Survival - Dub Soldier [Dispatch]
Maztek - Limber (Optiv & BTK Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
Maztek - Limber [Renegade Hardware]
>> Hemoglobin - Avoid [2222]
Noisia & Phace - MPD [Neosignal]
Insideside Info & Mefjus - Mythos [Virus]
Hazard - Time Tripping [Playaz]
Logistics - City Life [Hosiptal]
Loadstar - Flight [Ram]

I realise I have been really slack on feedback recently, so feel free to hit me up with your latest mix if I've missed it and do my best to get back to you.



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FUCKIN KILLED IT MATE !! From the start had me hooked, massive intro, really really tight/well eq'd
Tunes rolled out ontop each other like the Headroom>>Swag>>Mosquito thankful to find out the name of that Stray tune aswell.. then the mix with that was fire !
i got lost for a bit there, but the whole bit before Detroit was mental.. its getting pretty intense this, for a monday morning, im feeling rather awake now !!
Too many good mixes to mention tbh, the blending was bob on - took me on a trip - great to hear Dub Soldier - think i came to around Time Tripping, the way Mythos ended as Time Tripping was going into the break down was really smooth
Im always happy when a DJ brings it down at the end of a mix, and your did this really nice - 10/10 from me dude, cracking mix, even give a post on Twitter


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very big mix! throughoutly enjoyed :D

my fav parts

intro was extremely amazing, i was like fuuuuuuuuuck :D

that same old blues headroom mix up hngggggggggg sick man

ginseng smash into static was sick as

that she said inception remix mix was quality

as i said very big mix throughout, will surely listen again (y)


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unsurprisingly really good.

intro was sick, section vip rolled off so so well.

really enjoyed ginseng smash with that chroma track and then static. worked superbly.

also mythos and time tripping was sick, im really not a fan of mythos (overrated and blunt is far better) but you made it sound good which is always a hat tipped to you./

good shit as ever, will listen again, no doubt.