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    Artwork colaboration by Saxon Higgs (Brujo's Bowl) and Troy Hoggart (Zaigonen)


    Welcome to Triple Drop. A label dedicated to unique blends, itriguing fusions and multigenre madness. We don't want to stick to one particular style. It has come to a point in the music world where there are so many genres and sub genres that they are litterally spilling from our ears. So what's the point in specializing anymore. The world is evolving, so we should start to evolve with it. And by using music as a metaphor to remind our selves of our evolution is definately looking more positive than evolving with the systematic regime's that have us going at the moment, that's for sure.
    Welcome to Triple Drop. :)

    Finally our first release will be available for FREE download on Wednesday the 20th of July. The EP, 'Three Drops to Evolution' contains four mind blowing experimental drum and bass tracks from four incredibly talented young producers from Mid Wales. We say drum and bass, but to be honest we're not entirely sure what these guys are up to. 'Muckin about I tell ye'. Doesn't matter much anyway, all we know is that it's damn good music.
    Download it on Wednesday 20th for FREE from and enjoy. Suggested donations, any money recieved will be handed straight to the artists. :)

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    The Connection - Zaigonen

    Everythings Special - Brujo's Bowl

    Psillypsybinge - Soluble Sounds

    Caveman - Wolfen technologies

    We look forward to future releases from these artists. There will be more just round the corner. :)

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    We are always looking for more producers. So if your music is cutting edge, unique, intelligent, technical. Any genre. Contact us via Facebook and we'll get back to you. Take it eezzee:)