Taxman & Original sin fresh tunes..

big tingz.....all those idiots cussin down taxman n orig sin sayin their music is shit need to give their heads a wobble..can't please some fuckas
im really feeling these two guys, original sin has some sick dubs which probably will never get released :(

also, taxman - fist of the north star is heavy
hey but that first tune, assault, I know I've heard it over a year or maybe more ago, an early version must have just been in a few G Dub / Taxman / Hazard sets as ???-??? in any tracklistings...

tis heavy though, thought that one slipped under the radar so happy it looks as though it may be getting a release?
omg sound as fuck, ive been tryna find out what that 'assault' tune is for so long heard it over a year ago in taxman, g dub sets, nd in a jaydan set once....fucking bangin tune absolutely love it....but it must of been made when g dub was around nd not original sin...wonder if the label will be under his alius?? the flips big too, massive vinyl!
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