Taxman - Look What You Done


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Of that whole little "Drum n Bass Step" or "Gangsta Step" or whatever you call it set, this is the one tune that stood out. That ST Files 'Crack House' number was good too, but Taxman's doing a good job of mixing it up these days. This new Step style, the old school vibe on 'Dreamland' and the hip hop vibe on 'Terminator X'. Tax is one to watch in the coming months.

Hazard, take notes! ^_^


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thhe dawnings my fav half time tune at the mo. got a feelin that the half time things gonna get really old really quick though.
Thing is it's not just a gimmick though, it's a whole different drum arrangement (basicly hip-hop) which for some reason wasn't really tried for a long time until recently, the only reason it might get "old" is if a lot of people jump on the band wagon without really putting any effort into the music i.e. treating the whole idea as a gimmick, but hopefully that doesn't happen though

I'm pretty sure Hype's only calling it "drum and bass step" so that he can still call it drum and bass and let people know it's not dubstep, but at the end of the day it's neither, it's just drum and bass sounds at a hip hop tempo / arrangement