Taxman - Dreamland

no realy this good from taxman
i hope he sticks with this style

i know the mindless zombie waste jump fans will hate this track

this is a true junglist track
i like it i will be getting this for sure when its on white
Oh and just to add ...

Music like this proves in full effect that certain jump-up artists (the good ones) do have fantastic production skills, contrary to what a lot of people believe
well yea
i dont listen to hype on kiss fm tbh
noob show
first time i listen to this i like this alot
thanks for putting it up :wave:

Youd be suprised what kinda stuff Hype draws for on Kiss, certainly isn't always what youd expect
Did you hear the new Jaydan bit he played a few months back?

Proper jungle vibe, cant remember what its called tho. Will try and find.

One is called Ghetto and one is called The Shadows

Both very good tunes fom Jaydan

Looks like even the jump up guys are beginning to go back to the roots :)
i respect hype very much and hes old 90s kiss fm shows are amazing
just these days all the noobs listen to him

not for me like

Fuck who else listens to it lol

S'all about the music played :)

He covers a wide spectrum these days, and plays ALOT of brand new stuff, alot of the tunes I hear for the first time at raves I've already heard Hype play on Kiss lol
it wont last tho mate

jump sells more units then any other dnb sound :rinsed:

Might last for a little while at least

With Taxman, Original Sin and Jaydan to name a few all bringing some old school sounds it might tempt a few others to get on it, which is no bad thing considering the huge amount of generic jump up being made and the lack of jungle soundin stuff being made

And yeah jump up does sell, but the artists that care more about music than money will hopefully continue to diversify leading to the progression of the scene. And for those who only care about the money, well maybe they'll get left behind, especially since a variety of jungle breaks are much harder to put together than a LFO automated bassline.

Please excuse the essay like answers, I've been doin fuckin coursework all week lol
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