Drum & Bass Taxman 'Cool It Judy' & 'Mega Death'


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woh, Mega Death is BIG!


also via Playaz:

November / December News
As you should already know Original Sin’s ‘Mad World EP’ is dropping next Monday (29th Oct) but that is not the only thing you should be looking forward to. November will see Playaz dropping two BIG bombs in the shape of Taxman’s ‘Cool it Judy’ / ‘Mega Death’ and the next instalment of the ‘Flavours EP (Vol 4) which features tracks from Majistrate, Shimah, Annix, Optiv & BTK, Potential Badboy and Need For Mirrors.
On top of all that in December we have the very long awaited DJ Hazard EP, ‘Never the Same’. This monster EP contains ‘Never the Same’, ‘Air Guitar’, ‘It’s a Secret’ and ‘Do Without You’ with ‘Watch Your Teeth’ as a free bonus track (more info on the free track soon). If you don’t know the tracks by their names you certainly will when you hear them.

Be interesting to see if they press anything to vinyl, would love to see Mega Death and both the flavours and Hazard EP get pressed, would be a bumber to end on the OS EP, was not a fan of it at all...