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Offers please, not looking for silly amounts of money but i need them out the way. If they don't sell on the few forums im signed up to first, then ill slap them on eBay!!


Accelerated Culture Part IV - 3 Tape Pack (20.07.2002)

DJ's Hype, Andy C, Brockie, Dollar & Daz Willott.

Uproar: Last Chance to Dance - 12 Tape Pack (28.08.2004)

Comes with a free DJ Sy CD.

DJ's Seduction, Sy, Breeze & Styles, Dougal, Hixxy & Sharkey, Force, Kevin Energy & Marc Smith, Vibes, Clsm vs Billy Bunter, Scorpio

& Producer, Drokz, Clarkee, Mark EG, Dolphin & Vortex, Ribbz, Addiction, UHF.

HTID: Event 11 - 12 Tape Pack (16/09/2005)

Comes with free DVD.

DJ's Sy, Hixxy & Dougal, Breeze, Styles, Seduction, Recon, Marc Smith, Cally Gage, UFO & Flyin', Chris Henry, Jellybeanz Crew,

Scorpio, Jay Prescott, Clarkee, Mark EG, Vortex, Cruze, Alex K, Dougal, Pilgrim, Twista, Distortionz.

Helter Skelter - Odyssey - Technodrome - 8 Tape Pack (26/10/1996)

DJ's Menace, Dolphin, Ribbz, Lomas, Producer, Clarkee, HMS, Scorpio, Loftgroover, Music Maker.

Helter Skelter - Technodrome - 8 Tape Pack (14/04/1995)

DJ's Aggressor, Producer, Marie Chantal & Callie, Music Maker, Scorpio, Dave Angel, Alex Hazzard, Trevor Rockliffe, Clarkee.

Helter Skelter - Time - Technodrome - 8 Tape Pack (01/11/1997)

DJ's The Immortalz, Producer, Loftgroover, Music Maker, Dolphin, M Zone, Mark EG, Menace.

Helter Skelter - Discovery - Technodrome - 8 Tape Pack (01/06/1996)

DJ's Jay Prescott, Demand, Madness, Loftgroover, Lomas, Producer & Scorpio, Clarkee, Bass Generator, Music Maker.

Helter Skelter - Energy 1999 - Technodrome - 8 Tape Pack (with incorrect inlay)

DJ's Ribbz, M Zone, Mark EG, Producer, Scorpio, Loftgroover, HMS, Clarkee.

Helter Skelter - Progression - Technodrome - 8 Tape Pack (31/12/1997)

DJ's Vortex, Music Maker, Sharkey, Scorpio, Clarkee, Producer, Loftgroover, Jay Prescott, Mark EG, Ribbz, M Zone.

Helter Skelter - Energy 1996 - Technodrome - 8 Tape Pack (10/08/1996)

DJ's 3Dom, Aggressor, Music Maker, HMS, Scorpio, Loftgroover, Mark EG, M Zone, Producer, Clarkee.

Helter Skelter - The Outer Limits - Drum and Bass - 8 Tape Pack (21/03/1998)

DJ's Swanee, Ray Keith, Darren Jay, Nicky Blackmarket, Brockie, DJ SS, Randall, Hype, Rap.

Rezerection - The Best of '95 - 8 Tape Pack

DJ's Darkraver, Gizmo, Brisk, Omar Santana, Ramos, Darrien Kelly, Vibes, DJ Rob, Supreme, Ralphie Dee, Scott Brown, DJ Ten, Marc

Smith, Paul Elstak.

North - NSA: 23 - 8 Tape Pack

DJ's Total Output PA, Deathmachine, Loftgroover, Teknoist, Clarkee & Dolphin, Scorpio, Radium, Producer, Fergus, Clarkee, Ribbz,

Vortex, Jon Connor, Mark EG, Sharkey, Dave the Drummer.

Dance Paradise - Mult-E-Vent - 6 Tape Pack (Circa 95-96)

DJ's Seduction, Dougal, Ramos, Druid, Vibes, Billy Whizz, Clarkee.

Dance Paradise - The Ultimate Dance Experience Vol 10 - 8 Tape Pack (22/04/1995)

DJ's Slipmatt, Phantasy, Vibes, Swanee, Dr S Gachet, Dougal, LTJ Bukem, Clarkee, G E Real, Billy Bunter, HMS, Seduction, Brisk,

Mastervibe, Ratty.


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you still got these for sale mate ? . im after the North Pack badly .. and the technodrome ones ..

cheers fella .


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im interested in the dance paradise mult-e-vent one nye 95/96 i have seen it sell for 7.00 on ebay before but missed out as i have no paypal account.