Tantrum Desire feat. Tantrum Desire - Reach For The Smoker (A Mashup)


Dec 26, 2007

I didn't know what part of the forum to post this, so Mr. Mod, if I'm in the wrong place can you please stick me elsewhere? (no pun there). Anyhow: This is a tribute to one of my favourite drum&bass acts (who also happen to have the coolest name in the history of ever): Tantrum Desire. This mini-mashup was made by slapping "Reach (Push The Feeling" and "Shimon & Sparfunk - The Smoker (Tantrum Desire Remix)" together. Oh, and in the intro there's bits of "Sorrow" by The McMash Clan. The whole clip is en excerpt from a new drumstep/dnb mix I'm working on, so stay pooned (no?) and don't forget to stop by Beatport on your way home to pick up a copy of Reach (Push The Feeling), out now on Technique Recordings.

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Im a big fan off Tantrum Desire so i was'nt sure at first but its a nice little mash-up
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