Tango & Ratty "Train Track 2002 / ????" (Basement 066)


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Mar 4, 2002
Here is the first Basement Records release to come out in a long time. Unfortunatly my copy is a promo so I don't know what the new sexy basement logo will look like.

Tango & Ratty "Train Track 2002 / ????" (Basement 066)

The tune "Train Track 2002" is a remix of a tune they did on the Formation double pack entitled Shop Floor EP vol.3 which I also have. Its a vast improvement over the original which was simply a dull techstep track with Scooby Doo like strings. It still rolls like a dull techstep track but at least this newer version has more spring in its step. The tune I bought this record for is the one I labled as "????". I once knew the name of it but now I've forgotten it (if someone knows the title please reply below). It sounds all too familiar from the start, like when I first put the tune on my player I thought to myself "I've heard this one before, I just know it". I still don't know what tune it sounds simmilar to but I'll think of it eventually. Anyway the beat in the tune sounds very simmilar to Digital's "Ghost Town" and the bass is of the bouncy sort that I'm sure Total Science has used in the past. The tune doesn't do too much other then just roll along untill the 1992 horn blasts come in. Of course this bit makes me crack a smile.

All in all its a nice record but it doesn't showcase the hardcore that Tango & Ratty is famous for. Hopefully they'll bust out the true mind numbing hardcore in the future soon.

I rate this record: 5/10
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