Tallen - Tranquility (Liquid D&B / CLIP)

Manu Forti

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Yeah this is good, i like the pad and bassline decent hook. the piano section into the drop sounds good id imagine you will drop the pad and bring a variation of this back later in the song so i reckon that will work. I notice that maybe the bass sounds a little muddy on my headphones though i could be wrong but possibly the pad has too much low end and is clashing freqs? or it could be the bass isnt mono enough to accompany the pad it just seems to slightly blur when theyre both on. I dnt think its a big problem but because theres nothing else to really critique i thought mabye it could be looked at. Nice track im gonna check out some of your dub and hiphop on the cloud.

right ive got home and listened to this on monitors and low spec speakers and i dnt notice the freq clash now so disregard any comment on that if anything now i reckon the pad could be brought up in volume over bass just high end though
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