Tali - 'Lyric On My Lip' (Full Cycle)


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Mar 21, 2002
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"Lyric On My Lip/District Line" - Tali (Full Cycle)

New Zealander Tali comes proper with her 2nd Full Cycle release, with one of the anthems of the year. Every time I hear this tune, it reminds me of Essential Festival in May, when Krust dropped it and Tali (and pretty much the whole tent) sang along, word for word! I even heard that Jo Whiley has been playing this on her Radio 1 Morning show, just to show its universal appeal.
Standard Full Cycle beats mark our entry, with some clattering effects and percussion thrown in for good measure. Its strange, cos when listening to this tune (at home/on a walkman) I feel that it doesnt really need this intro, but then I suppose from a DJ'ing point of view, its obviously needed so you can mix it and cut across for the vocal. THE vocal, that you've probably heard at most raves youve been to for the last few months - "I got a lyric on my lip, when it starts it just wont quit....." and so on and so on. Anyway, after teasing you with her angelic voice, the mood changes and her vocals turn to chatter, and its at this point that her versatility really shows.
A rising build-up then makes way for one of the bounciest basslines of Roni's career! Trust me when I say this b-line has more skank than a used jonny! It really reminds me of the big band / ska era but then thats just me!!! The one problem I have with this tune is that after the main drop, it doesnt really change much from there on, with the exception of a few extra vox from Tali.
Flip for the curious 'District Line'. I get the feeling this tune is more a backing track for Tali's vocal than a 'whole' track in its own right but its still decent enough, with a nice, humming bassline. Should sound sound good on a phat system anyway. :afro:
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