Taking the plunge and buying Fl studio


Hi, Ive been making bad drum and bass for about 3 months now. I've been using the fl studio demo and feel I reached the stage that i need to buy Fl so I can save (leaving my laptop on for days at a time isnt doing it any good). What version should i buy? i was gonna buy the fruity edition but now I'm tempted by the producer a edition I don't wanna miss out on important features. Also should i get the download version or boxed? As my laptop is getting a bit old now is it possible to tranfer the download version to a new PC or do you have to buy it again? Cheers Padders


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you gotta ask yourself if you will use all the features of producer edition

i use xxl myself, but if you dont use everything then i guess it would be better to save yourself the extra cash

as for the download or boxed version, get the download version...... its cheaper and you get lifetime free updates