"Taking Notes" ???


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Oct 22, 2007
From the creators of ToneDeath comes a one in a lifetime set that will blow your mind away. Using almost every type of music under the sun. Mixing,cutting,splicing,doubling,juggling just about everything you can do... well all most."Taking Notes" well bring you back and forth from the early 70's to now(21st century).Dipping in to the stages of early classic rock and new head bangers.With twist and turns into the Funk Era but adding a newer digital effect to upgrade the element,but staying true to their culture of Drum N Bass and Underground. Mr.Mush & GaZeLL take it a step further with other radio edit mainstream tracks.You know them everyone knows them(RADIO). This is a trip into the unknown of music and what can be done with your mind,truly amazing.

Newer clips will be coming out very soon but for now here are the latest to come out

info on ToneDeath
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