Tahmac - Give Back ft Mutya Buena /Back In Time ft Tia Myrie

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    Tahmac - Give Back / Back In Time

    Born and raised in Brooklyn New York Tah Mac began his career in the mid 90’s as a co-producer, educating himself on how to program drums on a song, and later accomplishing the mastery of learning to finish a record. He expressed his talent and experience in production as early as age 15, working with a team of well-known hiphop leaders of our time, and learned to create his own signature sound. Here are 2 tracks from Tahmac's debut album 'Welcome To Tahland'.

    Give Back featuring Mutya Buena (From The Sugerbabes)

    Back In Time featuring Tia Myrie

    Having cut his teeth with the legendary hip hop outfit, The Def Squad featuring Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, Redman, Jamal, Malik and Da Rockwilder, Tah Mac produced some of the most phenomenal tracks of all time, helping build the Def Squad brand into a staple fixture in hip hop culture.

    With a decade of experience under his belt, Tah knows how to create the very best music with top quality artists. Not one to be pigeon holed, Tah has worked with diverse array of talent including Jo Jo, Javine, Ciara, Onyx, Leona Lewis, Redman, Aretha Franklin and The Charlatans. Often describing his music as a ‘global sound’, Tah has finally crafted a sound that is uniquely his own.