Drum & Bass TA001 KOMATOSE “The Grin Reaper” / KERMODO “Can’t See”

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    TA001 KOMATOSE “The Grin Reaper” / KERMODO “Can’t See” AVAILABLE NOW


    Transmission Audio was formed by DJs Altered Perception (Sam), The Peak (Ad) and Sanction (Meg), three close friends and dnb addicts living in the Hyde Park area of West Leeds: a hyperactive neighbourhood renowned as a hotbed of musical creativity and full-on underground house parties.

    The debut release on TA is an absolutely savage double-header featuring tracks by Komatose and Kermodo. “The Grin Reaper” by Komatose unleashes the Transmission sound onto the world with explosive ferocity - flawless in its intricate complexity; deep, brooding and yet energetic and irresistibly funky. Meanwhile Kermodo’s “Can’t See” is an ominous, jittery, fragmented growler, its subsonic rumbles capable of starting an earthquake on Mars!

    Transmission Audio has plenty more material in the pipeline scheduled for release over the upcoming months. In addition, live events are planned for 2014 showcasing live performances and DJ sets by the TA residents, our collaborators and special guests.