Label T3K is back with Eiton, Ogonek, Kriotek, D-Struct, Mefjus...


After half a year of silence, T3K Recordings is back to release more
stuff within the next months. These are some of the signed artists:
Kriotek / Proton Kid / Nufojah, Eiton, eRRe, Kaiza, Triamer,
kr4y, Kigami, Dereck, Ogonek, Exiva, T-Psy, Mefjus, D-Struct...

Also check out the previous releases on T3K Recordings by Sunchase,
Eiton, Forbidden Society, Paperclip, Dereck, Kaiza, Walder, Proton Kid,
Kaiza, Isotop & Shots and others!

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