Label T3K is Back in 2011 with Yabol, Proton Kid, Eiton, Effect, Absurd...


We needed some time to work on website, artwork and new releases
but now T3K Recordings is back to release more quality stuff within
next months. We are proud to announce that we signed a very nasty
tune by Yabol to be released soon and that we have tunes by Eiton
which were nearly lost due to a HD crash.

Additionally, we welcome artists like Effect, Hostage, Fragz, Sinecore
and Terror[east] on board. More tracks by Absurd, eRRe, Triamer and
kr4y are also scheduled.
Previous releases by Sunchase, Forbidden Society, Paperclip, Dereck,
Kaiza, Proton Kid/Nufojah/Kriotek, Bioforms, Mefjus, Ogonek, Isotop &
Shots, D-Struct, Peter Kurten, Dysphory and others are still available.

Please check the new site and have a look
on the new youtube channel
Also you can now follow T3K Recordings on Twitter for all the
latest info

And last but not least we have some mixes by Kaiza representing the
style of T3K Recordings which are available here: