Label T-Psy on T3K Recordings (FREE 320 MP3 INSIDE)!!!

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    T3K Recordings is proud to announce releases by T-Psy (see info and audio below)
    including a free tune called "Transmition" (check it in this post below)!

    The releases are available here and in other shops as well:


    Please scroll down to get all info, audio and links!


    T3K gives out this tune by T-Psy for free!
    It is a nice technoid rollout and if you like
    it look out for more T-Psy tracks out now on
    T3K Recordings (see T3K024 and T3K-EXT009).




    T3K024 brings out two tracks by T-Psy from Brussels, Belgium.
    Both tracks are very solid workouts using a strict loop-oriented
    foundation. "Destiny" has a static synth and different percussive
    and mid-bass elements around which result in distinct dynamic
    movements when combined in this way. "Transmition VIP" is an advanced
    version of "Transmition" (released earlier on T3K Recordings) and
    using more percsussive threads and having a more aggressive move.
    Expect more stuff from Belgium on various labels in the next months
    (and check out T-Psy releases on Cyber Crunk Records already released
    for free plus releases on Dark Box, Suspect Device, Nu:Gen and Necroid

    Audio Preview:


    It is time for the second 2-track EP for T3K Recordings from
    the man they call T-Psy. This one is even more nasty, even more
    crazy and even more energetic than the first one. "Insanity VIP"
    is a new version of a tune released on the netlabel "The Necroid
    Project" (see NCRD-001) with significant changes in sound and
    structure. "Persecution" is just banging the shit out of you with
    aggressiveness and brutality which is surely without equal.

    Audio Preview:

    Check info here: