T Leaf - Just Seems So... & You're Selfish

T Leaf

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Apr 9, 2009
:wave: big upz :wave:

i have got two tracks that need some help from your trained ears


T Leaf - Just Feels So... <- might not be able to clear vocals on this. dont think i really want them either. hmm might need to make some hooks.

T Leaf - You're Selfish09 <- needs more work on kick but advice on what to do there would help :)

some experimental versions of you're selfish are at: www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=61bc7615149bde9f4c17ca8801618ef713db19b5b1542f125621d66e282a0ee8

comments and criticism will be greatly appreciated!! :D
I rekon your missing a mid layer for ur drums in 'just feels so' the vocal is pretty iffy 2 i like wat u done with it tho maybe give it more of a danny bird feel then no1 will knoow where the vocal is from? But you got some all round good ideas for edits and arrangement, you got the highs and lows, i just think theres alot of mids missing or uve just pushed the highs a bit too much? i am listenin on headphones so dont take it too much to heart wait till other ppl post up! Liking ur ideas but the overall sound is missin somethin i cant quite pin point it!

Your selfish is sick! The into is heavy love wat u done with the soundscapes an reversed notes, that snare could be different imo but all the sounds are there in that one, i rekon u could probably do wiv losing the other bassline or just stickin with the original one, an high pass the second one u bring over it an stick it in a delay etc, reminds me of one of my old tunes just alot better lol both tunes have alot of potential tho so keep at it!! Out of interest how long u been producing for?
hey man thanks for checking them out :D
yeh i never pitched the drums well enough in just feels so i think i might of even left them centered in the mix. woops :/, haha! i might go a bit danny bird - b complex on that one, good idea.

in you're selfish, do you think i should effect the mid wobble bass with some more processing?

thanks for the help man.

i have been producing on and off for about 5 years. mainly i do graphic design but i think i actually prefer music now. i saw cubase creeping into my frequently used programs list and photoshop being pushed away. heh

have you got aim or something?
Yeah you're selfish defintely sounds good, i would say all the right elements are there pretty much, stick at it sounds good!! Nice vibes, to me that's the main thing. The mix kind of sounds a bit too airy if that makes sense? Maybe a bit too much stereo content in the drums or something. Maybe the sub could be a bit louder Imo. But good stuff tho!!!
yes yes mr livewire. i see what your saying man, thanks for the help. the drums are supposed to sound that way. airy, sort of dream like. cheers for picking up on it though! means its workin. i might make the sub a little bit louder, im just worried i'll muddy up some other frequencies. havent found any good DC blocking plugins yet. yet to learn the izotope ozone mastering vst :D
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